The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

Page Title: Specialized Panel on Medical and Laboratory Equipment

Audiences: Manufacturers of laboratory equipment, laboratory centers, medical equipment organizations and associations, trade companies, science and technology centers and organizations

Conference time: 09 November 2021, 11-13

Venue: IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran

The health of human beings in different societies has been one of the most influential factors in their development and has always been considered by governments. Especially in the lifestyle of the present century, when human beings have suffered from emerging and sometimes unknown complications and diseases, the importance of taking care of people’s health has increased a hundredfold. Utilization of new technologies in the medical and laboratory equipment industry is one of the requirements for countries to provide optimal health services and the need to expand international relations in the field of technical knowledge transfer and related business cooperation.

Leading activists in this panel will discuss the following topics:

  • The need to create a supply chain of medical and laboratory equipment in Islamic countries
  • Investigate the problems facing manufacturers from access to raw materials to product exports
  • Investigating investment opportunities and challenges in the field of medical and laboratory equipment production
  • The role and position of the market of Islamic countries in international interactions and attracting foreign investment