The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

Page Title: Specialized Panel on Nutrition and Healthy Food

Audience: Nutritionists, food industry producers, associations and specialized organizations in the field of nutrition and materials dietary

Event time: 07 November, 2021, 15-17

Venue: IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran

Malnutrition in all its forms is a global challenge that hinders the development of societies and has irreparable human consequences. The decade that the United Nations has called the Decade of Nutrition Action and the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals is a global and national incentive to address malnutrition and make rapid progress to reduce its burden. Among these, the importance of the health of food productions and sharing the achievements and experiences in different countries in this field is one of the issues that should be paid special attentions.

Leading activists in this panel will discuss the following topics:

  • International experiences in the field of public nutrition education
  • Coordination of Islamic countries in reviving food culture
  • Food safety and security
  • Opportunities and challenges to promote nutritional health in the path of sustainable development of communities