The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

Page Title: Specialized Panel on Natural, Wellness and Food Tourism

Audience: Hydrotherapy centers, SPAs, tourism service agencies and companies, investors, accommodation service providers, wellness service providers, ecotourism agencies, startups, and related organizations and associations

Event time: 09 November 2021, 13 – 15

Venue: IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran

Today, tourism industry in the sectors of ecotourism, wellness and food constitute a large part of the income of leading countries in attracting foreign tourists. According to the International Association, Ecotourism is a trip to natural areas while preserving the environment and emphasizing the well-being of local people. Amazing attractions such as sea and river beaches, forests, mountains, caves, deserts, anthropology, nature therapy, which has seen a 20% growth in total world tourism. Introducing the tourist attractions of Islamic countries, especially in the food sector, is also one of the issues that should be considered by tourism activists due to the diversity of traditional foods of the countries.

Leading activists in this panel will discuss the following topics:

  • The role of organizations and associations related to the field of ecotourism, wellness tourism and food tourism in branding the capacities of countries
  • How to define specialized tours in the field of eco-, wellness and food tourism
  • Investigate obstacles and issues in the development in the related sectors
  • Investment opportunities and challenges