The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

Page Title: Panel Discussions

Medical tourism

If we look at the history of medical tourism in Islamic countries, it can be claimed that this issue has a long history in Muslim countries. In the past, people were miles away from their homes to be able to get health in these countries with the help of competent doctors, but today, what has been written as medical tourism in the plans of the officials of these countries is still young.

Sport Tourism

The tourism industry is one of the most important industries in the world along with the sport industry are united to create one of the most wonderful industries called “the Sport Tourism” industry. Accordingly, many countries are always trying to get the most benefit out of this great and valuable industry by developing different strategies. Currently, the sport tourism industry is considered as one of the greatest and the most diverse tourism […]

Medical and Laboratory Equipment

The health of human beings in different societies has been one of the most influential factors in their development and has always been considered by governments. Especially in the lifestyle of the present century, when human beings have suffered from emerging and sometimes unknown complications and diseases, the importance of taking care of people’s health has increased a hundredfold.

Natural, Wellness and Food Tourism

Today, tourism industry in the sectors of ecotourism, wellness and food constitute a large part of the income of leading countries in attracting foreign tourists. According to the International Association, Ecotourism is a trip to natural areas while preserving the environment and emphasizing the well-being of local people. Amazing attractions such as sea and river beaches […]

Nutrition and Healthy Food

Malnutrition in all its forms is a global challenge that hinders the development of societies and has irreparable human consequences. The decade that the United Nations has called the Decade of Nutrition Action and the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals is a global and national incentive to address malnutrition and make rapid progress to reduce its burden.

Traditional medicine and natural products

Today, medical sciences have undergone fundamental changes in the face of new issues and challenges in the fields of health, treatment and health, as well as due to cultural changes, changing behavioral and nutritional patterns, and changing algorithms for the spread of diseases. Considering this important matter, and considering the deep […]