The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

Page Title: Specialized Panel on Medical Tourism

Audience: Hospitals, clinics and medical centers, health tourism service agencies, associations and organizations active in the field of tourism and health tourism

Date and time of conference: 09 November 2021, 10 – 12

Venue: IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran

If we look at the history of medical tourism in Islamic countries, it can be claimed that this issue has a long history in Muslim countries. In the past, people were miles away from their homes to be able to get health in these countries with the help of competent doctors, but today, what has been written as medical tourism in the plans of the officials of these countries is still young. An issue that with a proper understanding of its special importance has been considered by developed countries as an important industry and source of income and it is necessary for Islamic countries to provide quality services and low medical costs due to the special conditions and potential capacities, and with the right policies and quick actions to promote the growth of this industry in Muslim countries.

Leading activists in this panel will discuss the following topics:

  • Developmental approaches related to medical tourism in different countries
  • Opportunities and challenges ahead for international cooperation
  • The role of medical tourism service companies in the development of international cooperation
  • Introducing investment opportunities and facilities that governments can offer to international investors
  • The role of startups and new businesses in the future of medical tourism industry