The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

Page Title: Marketing Branding in Medical Tourism

Marketing Branding in Medical Tourism By IR4T company in cooperation with health tourism development center of Islamic countries (HTDC)



Position: CEO Medical Tourism
Association Hungary
Professional/Academic Background:
. Consultancy, Tourism, Hotel,
Management, Economy


. More than 10 years of experience in
medical tourism industry
. Managing partner of Medical
Tourism Association Hungary
Nonprofit Ltd.
. Medical media expertise
. Building global medical tourism
cooperation system and developing
medical tourism in Hungary


– An introduction to the importance of
marketing and brandingMarket segmentation and analysis

– Marketing and branding tools

– International experiences specially for
European medical centres and medical
tourism companies

– Brand management and strategic
marketing management

– Covid as a reason of new type of
business and communication

– Patients experience as the key factor
for branding

– The importance of digital marketing
(social media, Web,email)

– B2B marketing