the 6th international health congress of Islamic Countries` President Message

Development of business relations and exchanging specialized knowledge of countries in the field of health and health tourism have always been of interest, and this can be achieved with extensive networking and creating economic flows.

The successful experience of holding the International Health Congress of Islamic Countries as one of the prominent events at the international level has revealed that activists in countries, especially in Islamic countries, by joining the networks of the health sector and participating in related international events, could take advantage of the special opportunity created to introduce their capacities as best as possible.

As the president of the 6th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries, it is a great honor and pleasure for me to invite all health and health tourism activists to attend and effectively participate in this international event. We hope that the presence of key international players in the health and health tourism fields will show a new manifestation of international cooperation.

Mohammad Ali Mohseni Bandpey,

President, The 6th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries