3rd International WANA Congress

3rd International WANA Congress (West Asia & North Africa) on ART Outcome will take place in 16-17 May in Urmia, Iran. The congress is a part of wider measures to build the WANA Scientific Network to join the young/ researchers, university students and specialists from West Asia and North Africa region counties.

WANA International Network, with its hub in Iran, will serve as an excellent opportunity to exchange in the field of Infertility treatment and related industries with WANA International Congress as the Network’s annual event to connect scholars of the fields from the respective WANA region. The Congress is also the sub-directory of Royan International annual congress on reproductive Biomedicine and stem cell Biology & Technology.

This year, the main theme of 3rd International WANA Congress is on ART Outcome:

1. Follow up ART Children

2. Ethical Consideration in ART Outcome

3. The Role of Imaging in ART Outcomes

4. The Impact of Environmental Factors and Lifestyles on ART Outcomes (The role of medicine, cultivation environment and necessities, etc.)

5. Optimizing ART Outcome: Challenges, Managements and Options

6. Fertility Preservation & Embryological Outcome

7. How surgical Procedure can improve IVF outcome?



16 -17 May 2024


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