Online Panel Discussion, In the field of health and health tourism

The capacity of cooperation with Afghanistan, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh

Join Us for an Insightful Discussion

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming online panel discussion focusing on the capacities for cooperation in health and health tourism with Afghanistan, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. This event brings together experts and stakeholders from various sectors to explore opportunities and challenges in building strong partnerships in these critical areas.

Date: 26 June 2024

Time: 2:30 to 4: 30 pm CET

Platform: Zoom

Why Attend?

 Expert Insights: Hear from leading experts and policymakers in the field of health and health tourism.

• Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and stakeholders from across the health and tourism sectors.

• In-Depth Analysis: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current health infrastructure, needs, and opportunities in these countries.

 Strategic Partnerships: Learn about potential collaborations and how to leverage health tourism to boost economic growth.

Key Discussion Points

1. Current Health Infrastructure and Needs

– Assessing the state of healthcare systems in the participating countries.

– Identifying gaps and areas for improvement.

2. Opportunities in Health Tourism

– Exploring how each country can leverage health tourism.

– Strategies for attracting international patients.

3. Challenges and Solutions

– Addressing obstacles such as political stability, regulatory frameworks, and healthcare quality.

– Proposing actionable solutions for overcoming these challenges.

4. Strategic Partnerships

– The role of public-private partnerships and international collaborations.