Ethio Health 2023

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It was our honor to participate in the 7th Ethio Health Exhibition & Congress from 23 to 25 February 2023, as a supporting partner. Special thanks to Dr Nebeyu Lemma and his professional team at Prana Events , the organizer of the congress. Also, it was a pleasure for us to meet Dr Daniel Gebremichael , Honorable Advisor to Minister of Health of Ethiopia and other organizations and activists during the event.
In recent years, Ethiopia has invested in healthcare infrastructure, including the construction of new hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. The country has also made notable strides in training and educating healthcare professionals, leading to a more skilled workforce and improved healthcare outcomes for its citizens.
Ethio Health Exhibition & Congress is the premier, largest and comprehensive healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and wellness technology, inputs and solutions international trade fair in Ethiopia. This event has proved to be the major platform that fuels the sector development through trade facilitation, market linkages, introduction of new technology and transfer of knowledge for concerned stakeholders across the whole value chain.
HTDC is planning to hold a Business Networking Meeting between African and Islamic Countries, at the same time of the next Ethio Health on 8 March, 2024. We hope that our collaboration will lead to the development of effective partnerships and the growth of healthcare industry in Ethiopia.