The meeting for introducing International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition (IPH2022)

The meeting for introducing International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition (IPH2022) was held by the Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries (HTDC), with the presence of representatives of Iran’s medical universities, the Association of Iran Hospital Construction Companies, the Food and Drug Administration, banks, medical equipment companies and health tourism companies on 19th June, 2022 at Tehran Chamber of Commerce.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Majid Zangooei, Secretary General of HTDC, introduced the center and its subsidiaries, including HTDC Academy, HTDC Magazines, HTDC Events and HTDC specialized accelerator (Launch-It), and also pointed out that countries like Tunisia and Germany requested to establish the accelerator in their country. This reflect the importance of this accelerator.
In his remarks about the HTDC’s events , he introduced the International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition (IPH2022) and the 6th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries. Also he addressed the main theme of the meeting, IPH 2022, which will be held in August for the first time in Iran.
He pointed out that IPH 2022 will be held under supervision and approval of the International Hospitals Federation (IHF) and also the HTDC will provide this capacity to all participants of the meeting to invite their guests to develop effective cooperation.
This event will be a good opportunity for medical equipment companies, banks, insurance and health tourism companies to develop their effective cooperation.
Then, Dr. Saadat, representative of Iran Health Ministry, in following of government support in health tourism industry, addressed that also this ministry will support events to promote health tourism.