HTDC’s special support to introduce the capacities of Tunisia in the field of health tourism

Tunisia has been considered as one of the most important destinations for African patients by providing high-quality and inexpensive medical services, and the country’s private sector activists have invested extensively in this sector.
Majid Zangooei, Secretary General of Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries (HTDC) during the travel to this country visited a number of hospitals, medical centers, universities, rehabilitation centers, the Tunisian Federation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts as well as Private Hospitals Association
In those meetings, which were held in the presence of Dr. Ghazi Mejberi, official ambassador of HTDC to Tunisia country, the following mutual understanding were defined with the activists from private sectors in the country.
1-Establishing health tourism accelerator in Tunisia in collaborating with SMED Holding and Universities to support innovative solutions and technologies
2-Providing appropriate conditions for transferring Tunisia’s effective experiences in establishing rehabilitation centers
3-HTDC effectively supports Africa’s Medical Tourism Congress, which Will be held in Tunisia on 7-9 Oct 2022.
4-Invite and provide facilities for hosting hospitals, medical centers and medical tourism company to attend the events organized by HTDC in other countries including The International Private Hospitals Congress and Exhibition (IPH 2022), The 6th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries, The second Business Networking Meeting on health tourism activists in Dubai as well as some business meetings in the European Union.