The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries will be held in Tehran with the support of ministries and international organizations active in the field of health and health tourism.

Innovating the missing link of health tourism development

April 25, 2021 - 6:05 pm سپهر علیمحمدی

Dr. Farid Najafi, the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education has evaluated that “Innovation and New Technologies” is one of the missing links of health tourism industry in Islamic countries. He is optimistic that emphasizing on the importance of innovation and technology in the fifth round of this international congress may provide the conditions for integrated planning and strategic cooperation of participating countries. While announcing the event of “The Second International Event of Investment Opportunities in Health and Health Tourism startups “on the sideline of The International Health Congress of Islamic Countries, he considered this event a suitable opportunity to define strategic cooperation of investment sectors and activists of health and health tourism in relation to startups and new businesses in this area.