The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries will be held in Tehran with the support of ministries and international organizations active in the field of health and health tourism.

The world became a small village

April 22, 2021 - 8:07 am سپهر علیمحمدی

Since nearly 30 years, a new phrase has emerged and became widely used around the world.. “The world became a small village”. The truth is, the world has indeed turned into a small village. On December 17, 1903, in kitty Hawk, North Carolina in the U.S, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright who had a bicycle shop, succeeded in doing the first flight trip ever, declaring that the world era of the (small global village) has come. By the end of the thirties of the twentieth century, the world truly became a small village and the man became able to wander it whenever he likes if he had the financial means to do so. The countries of the world turned (symbolically) into something like the houses of the village, distances between them takes hours now to cross by planes, thus, facilitates cooperation and exchange of information between the “houses” in all fields, especially in the medical sector..   

And here is the point: getting medical treatment is not restricted any longer by long distances and borders, the patient can move freely nowadays from house to house in search for the best medical service. The most beautiful and fare competitions started to emerge represented in offering people the best practice in medical healing throughout the village.    

Therefore, as a medical tourism magazine we consider humanitarian cooperation in the medical tourism field as a corner stone of our message to the world. Through our visits to many countries offering and competing in medical tourism such as Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Iran Tunisia Switzerland, Japan, Germany, The United Kingdom, Thailand, and the list goes on.. We have managed to change the concept of the medical media from a merely confined local media into a global medical media of which we are taking part in, to convey information from house to house in this small world and to provide the patients with the best places for medical treatment regardless of origin, color, language or religion.

Attending and participating in the 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries as one of the prominent international events creates a great opportunity to meet with the top health tourism activists of the countries and we hope to achieve it due to the special circumstances caused by the corona outbreak.

Mr Lotfi Khelifi