The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries

The 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries will be held in Tehran with the support of ministries and international organizations active in the field of health and health tourism.

German Medical Wellness Association

April 21, 2021 - 4:00 pm سپهر علیمحمدی

Berlin, 29.08.2021

Greetings for the congress:

Dear honorable congress-members, dear ladies and gentlemen,

After the pandemic is hopefully not, before the next one, but it shows us also, how important the work of your Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries is, because as we know, that you are also developed strategies for regeneration with the post Covid syndrome and that you try to find ways, that everybody will be vaccinated.

I would like to congratulate for the development of your 5th International Health Congress of Islamic Countries.

For your congress, I would like to give you five positive developments during and after the pandemic Covid-19:

1. We are increasingly in the process of revising our offers and making them even more targeted.

2. The topic of health, rehabilitation and Medical Wellness has received an unexpectedly high level of popularity.

3. New partners could be won, who also take up intensive medical topics and prepare them for the end consumer.

4. It can be observed, that there is a development away from the “feel-good spa” to the “Medical Wellness Clinics or health spa/clinics” in hotels and other facilities.

5. Hotels & Resorts will take even more attention to quality and sophisticated treatments in the future, as well as expand contacts with the health insurance companies. Post-Covid is becoming an issue for clinics and the hotel industry.

I hope, that you will have a fruitful future and that you will take the next steps for your and our international cooperation.

Best regards

Lutz Lungwitz


German Medical Wellness Association